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Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice Lost or Not Received

Don't Wait in Line to RENEW!

If you have lost or did not receive a Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice.

Please call (619)484-2284 to help determine what fees are due, what documents are required, and for payment options


Vehicles returning to California without First Obtaining Nonresident Registration

If an owner removes a vehicle from California and does not obtain nonresident registration before returning to California, the prior year fees and penalties are:

  • Due if the vehicle left California after the registration expired.
  • Not due if the vehicle left California before the registration expired.
    • The owner must complete a Statement of Facts (REG 256) with the dates the vehicle left, and returned to, California.
NOTE: Current year fees are due upon the vehicle's date of entry into California. The owner may file a PNO if the vehicle was not towed or driven into California



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